What is Aji Sobremesa? (Our story)

Sobremesa Supper Club is a food centered social project born in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood in 2012. Inspired by the concept of "Sobremesa," three childhood friends from Puerto Rico got together with a humble goal: to promote relationships and conversations over a meal. As events spread throughout the city, a conversation emerged around our Ají Amarillo sauce, people loved the sauce and we made it our mission to make it available to everyone.

Ají Sobremesa is a flavorful, versatile hot sauce made from Peruvian yellow peppers. It can be used as an ingredient, a dip, or to ramp up the flavor and heat of all your favorite snacks and dishes. Consistent with our commitment to our community it is 100% natural, non-GMO, and has no added preservatives.

About our IndieGgogo Campaign: (why we need you?)

Today we are asking for your help to make Ají Sobremesa a reality! Your contribution will help us set up distribution for Ají Sobremesa. It will help us find the best ways to get our beloved sauce to your table, and of course help us continue to foster relationships and conversations, our humble goal from the very beginning.

What We Need & What You Get

We are asking for $20,000 to help us accelerate production and ensure distribution of Ají

Sobremesa. Funds will be used specifically for:

  • Production, packaging, and delivery of first batch of Ají Sobremesa.
  • City and state permits that will allow us to sell Ají Sobremesa directly to you, to retailers and at events.
  • Website design and development with e-commerce capabilities so you can purchase Ají Sobremesa directly from us.

The Impact

We truly believe that Ají Sobremesa is a hot sauce unlike any other in the US today. For 3 years, everyone who has tried it has loved it. Your contribution will help others discover this amazing sauce, and it will also help establish a company that is committed to sourcing the ingredients and sauce in a responsible way. You will also be supporting a 100% Latino owned business that is committed to helping and building the community in which it lives and operates.

Risks & Challenges

Sobremesa Supper Club is an established food project and Ají Sobremesa is a reality. Every dollar you invest in the company will go towards helping us accelerate the production and distribution of this sauce. However, risks do exist: not raising enough capital could impact our ability to make the sauce available quickly, get all needed permits, etc... It is important for us to keep the momentum of Sobremesa Supper Club going, and make this sauce available to people who are looking for new hot sauce experiences and who are interested in discovering Latin flavors. This team is committed to Ají Sobremesa, the same effort and passion that helped drive the success of Sobremesa Supper Club will be behind our launch of Ají Sobremesa.

Other Ways You Can Help

Any contribution helps, monetary, or of any other form. If you can't contribute here, your help in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated. Please share this link with all your friends on social media to spread the love for Ají Sobremesa. Also, please follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/sobremesachicago) and Instagram (@sobremesachicago) to stay updated on upcoming events. We would love to see you in any of our events in Chicago, talk about food, have Efren give you a hug and of course: Enjoy the heat responsibly!

Photos and Videos


We want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your help. A lot of people have contributed in making Ají Sobremesa a reality. We want to especially thank Vincent Labriola and Kyle Probst for producing, directing and editing our amazing launch video. Also, special thanks to the incredible Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquestra for allowing us to use your heavyweight latin beats on our video.